Sigma Shmigma®

"Sigma Shmigma"®– a 'no lingo' approach to strengthening alignment, solving problems, increasing engagement and ultimately delivering accelerated results and transformation. It values and utilized the skills and processes of a wide arsenal of quality tools and techniques in the marketplace however delivers them and provides approaches in ways that are balanced with the business imperative. "Sigma Shmigma"® does not challenge Six Sigma at all but provides guidance on when "dotting the i's" is not necessary; when to pull the plug on analysis, when to move the ball down the field in the context of the business and organizational transformation. 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. There are definitely times where absoluteness and precision are critical, however there are other times where it is not and lengthy debates on using DMAIC vs. DMADV vs. DFSS et al are not productive.

I am a strong believer of Six Sigma and am a certified leader in Six Sigma. It has brought and continues to bring great value to organizations. Business success however is not measured by number of Black Belts, Green Belts or number of projects by themselves. These by themselves as internal measures have driven bad behaviors of employees scrambling to get sign-off signature on solutions so they can be certified or leaders pushing to get certifications.

"Sigma Shmigma"® addresses head-on the issues that will strengthen the alignment and connection between the C-suite and the quality practitioner and ultimately deliver faster, cheaper, sustaining business results.


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