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May 2016
"Trying My First Tri: Floaties and Noodles Not Allowed!"
This humorous but actual recap captures the fears, realities, and accomplishments associated with competing in the my first triathlon. Part of any goal setting and planning processes, whether it be for organizational goals or personal goals requires identification of skills, techniques, training, discipline and monitoring to deliver desired results. 

Trying My First Triathlon PDF

May 2013
“Teams: Role, Reality, Results” – Article
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May 2012
“"Answering the 2012 CEO Challenge: Innovation Leads, Uncertainty Lingers”"
: Mike Adams with Charles Brandon, PhD, Alka Jarvis and Rebecca Yeung
This perspective, a collaboration report by the Quality Council of the Conference Board addresses the 2012 global CEO Challenges with recommendations and examples of leveraging quality assets in supporting their strategies and cited challenges concentrating on Innovation and Human Capital.
PDF: Answering the 2012 CEO Challenge (Free Download)

May 2012
Answering Today's CEO Challenges Through Quality Workshop
ASQ World Quality Conference
Anaheim, California, USA

April 10, 2012
Answering CEO Challenges through Quality
ASQ Section 1510
Miami, Florida, USA
ASQ Section 1510 Presentation (free download)

"Answering the 2011 CEO Challenge: Accelerating Business Growth Through Quality"
Authors: Mike Adams with Alan Demers, Cassie Stern, Jane Farthing, Bo McBee
Results of The Conference Board 2011 CEO Challenge survey point to concentration on business growth signaling a favorable turn from the financial downturn. Talent management and government regulations have also been ranked high as areas of focus and/or concern. The report provide responses of Quality Council members as to their responses from supporting their respective C-suites and collectively addressing the 2011 Challenges.
Answering the 2011 CEO Challenge (free download)

"Answering the 2010 CEO Challenge: How Quality Can Drive Profitable Growth Across the Organization" (CP-020)
Authors:  Mike Adams with Cassie Stern and Jane Farthing 
Publication Date:  April 2010
Results of The Conference Board 2010 CEO Challenge survey point to an increased global focus on corporate reputation for quality, one of the original drivers of the quality management movement. As CEOs emerge from a recession mindset and once again look for growth, the multi-functional role of quality leaders to drive innovation, improve execution, and increase customer loyalty will be critical in the evolving economic climate. Quality Council members respond to the 2010 CEO Challenge report with insights as to how they, as quality leaders, are supporting their respective C-suites and collectively addressing their respective business challenges that, not surprisingly, parallel those highlighted by CEOs in 2010.
Answering the CEO Challenge (free download)


May 24, 2010
"Answering the CEO Challenge" (2010)
Presenter/Facilitator at ASQ Executive Roundtable Minnesota, USA

May 18, 2010
Keynote Address
"Leadership for Delivering High Performance Results"
Utility Supply Management Alliance Keynote (USMA)
San Antonio, Texas, USA

May 2009
"The Leadership Prescription for the Future of Quality"

Authors:  Mike Adams, Toddi Gutner
Publication Date:  May 2009
Report Number:  R-1443-09-RR

The role of the quality officer is evolving. While many still see their role as one of cost reduction by implementing defect and waste reduction strategies and continuous improvement efforts around satisfying customers; a growing number view themselves as more of a macro-leader, directly connecting their quality practices to business trends and top-line growth. They can be revenue-generators and revenue protectors, as well as cost-cutters. This report, created by The Conference Board Quality Council, looks at the future role of quality throughout the enterprise.

The Conference Board Report (free download)

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