Creative Services
The creative services division provides customized audio and/or visual accompaniment or stand-alone memorabilia items to enhance and enrich the customer or audience experience.  
An essential component to effective management and strategy accomplishment is through effective communication, iterative messaging, and creative approaches to deliver direction and celebrate success that both reinforce desired behaviors. Creativity is required in staying above the clutter. Pressing the enter key on an e-mail or sending out a flyer, tweet or GIF today fall short while even face to face meetings or assemblies offer no guarantees for clear messaging for effective messaging.

A division of the company dedicates itself to creative services and production. Networked with terrific artistic, writing, and musical talent, some out of the ordinary memorable experiences can happen to differentiate your personal or organization's efforts by delivering them with creative flare and creating memories.

Creative services include on-camera industrials, television, commercials, jingles, soundtracks, themes songs, emceeing and a niche of oil painting Racing Wheels Fine Arts. 

A few examples of distinguishable and creative deliverables:

  • In Memoriam”- Tribute to Class of ’75 OHS
  • "And You'll Shine"
    Theme Song for the Florida Sterling Conference at Disneyworld.
  • "Happy Birthday Miami"
    City of Miami Centennial Theme Song
    (Orange Bowl Parade, Harry Connick, Jr., Concert)
  • Victories, Every Day, Your United Way
    soundtrack for UW Promotional videos
  • "Somewhere in the Desert"
    Musical tribute for Desert Storm
    (NBC, Spinners, Etta James, Rita Coolidge concerts)
  • "With You All the Way"
    March of Dimes PSA
    (ITVA Award, Music City Song Festival Award)
  • Customer SatisfAction
    Cisco Systems Employee Recognition theme
  • National Anthem Vocalist
    Marlins/ Braves (39,000 attendees); Marlins/ Rockies


  • Florida Sterling Conference Team Showcase (repeat event)


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