Clients and Successes
  • ASQ International Team Competition (100% podium success with 4 teams/ 4 years)
    - Consultant focused on delivering business results; succinctly sharing successful story
  • Allegheny Energy, Inc.
    - 2004-2009 served as full time employee as Vice President, Quality reporting to Chairman and CEO. I joined an executive turnaround team with the opportunity to transform a near bankrupt company to becoming a solid performer. Outcomes (Allegheny Power) from 2004 base included:
    • From 3rd to upper quartile customer sat; #3 in nation in commercial/ industrial segment; maintain ACSI upper quartile
    • From 3rd to upper quartile safety; 65% improvement
    • Higher upper quartile position as low cost in O & M
    • 45% improvement in reliability
    • Developed leaders in planning, systematic improvement, statistical processes
  • Nalco Holding Company
    - Executive leadership alignment, process management and performance measures
  • American Society for Quality
    - Developer, Instructor, Statistical Process Control (SPC) for utilities
  • Microsoft (hardware division)
    - Six Sigma training (in partnership with ASQ)
  • Cisco Systems
    - Customer Satisfaction Conference theme song composition, script and ceremony guidance
  • Equilon/Motiva Refineries
    - Process management
  • Broward County School District
    - Strategy in deploying Baldrige Criteria as a management system
  • City of Miami
    - Centennial Song Winner and promotional (radio, Orange Bowl Parade)
  • United Way of Broward - United Way II
    - Performance Management strategic planning
  • Broward House
    - Business Planning Session
  • Miami Economic Development (the Beacon Council) (in partnership with Insights, Inc.)
    - Strategic Planning
  • Florida Wetlands
    - Strategic planning retreat- Belize
  • United Way of Broward
    - Promotional video soundtrack and jingle
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