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Mike Adams & Company is a practical performance management consulting and creative services practice. It satisfies a market demand for simplicity, creativity, and practical actions that deliver real accountable results. While operating discipline and execution are critical tenets for success, the degree of "dotting the i's" and "crossing the t's" needs to be taken into account based on the expected return and risk.


Consulting Services

Proven executive guidance to achieve high performance addressing areas of human capital, operational excellence, innovation.


Creative Services

Customized award-winning musical productions, theme songs, industrials, artworks, and emceeing delivering effective communications and recognition.


Keynote Speeches

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The company provides contemporary business practices, culturally sensitive strategies and approaches, performance tools and techniques, and translates them into practical actions that provide meaningful, net results. Simply put:

  • Increase the predictability of results
  • Sustain the gains
  • Make people great!

This is also the home of "Sigma Shmigma"®– a 'no lingo' approach to strengthening alignment, solving problems, increasing engagement and ultimately delivering accelerated results and transformation. It values and utilized the skills and processes of a wide arsenal of quality tools and techniques in the marketplace however delivers them and provides approaches in ways that are balanced with the business imperative.


The firm takes pride in carrying recommendations through to verified results since execution and follow through are required to deliver results. Success is not checking off the action plans or doing busy work—it is delivering the expected results. The firm is willing to have "skin in the game" for the clients' bottom line or their measures of effectiveness.


Beyond strategies, business and action planning, Mike Adams & Company, LLC will recognize the contributions of internal individuals (the people who do the work) and enable organizations and individuals to carry out its plans and sustain its desired measurable outcomes.


The guidance provided by this firm draws from decades of experiences and observations where:

  • Too many plans and studies exists of which little action is taken,
  • Much training is provided with little observation or follow through on its effectiveness,
  • Consulting firms taking credit for internal performers good work.

It will provide techniques for prioritization, execution, accountability, and celebration to increase quality and decrease costs.

Practical Actions. Real Results.
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